Using TERMINO without a user account

Can TERMINO be used without a user account?

Registering a user account is optional.

A meeting poll can be created without a user account, however, the specification of an e-mail address is necessary in order to send a link for subsequent editing.

A user account is required to create a booking list in order to be able to send information about bookings as well as cancellations.

Participants do not need a user account to be able to vote on an appointment or to book an option from a booking list.

The creator of an meeting poll can specify whether an e-mail address is required for participation in a vote or whether a name is sufficient.

For booking an option from a booking list, the specification of name and e-mail address is mandatory for the participants in order to be able to send subsequent information.

We recommend to create a user account, so that the created meeting polls and booking lists are visible and can be edited. A user account also porvides an overview of confirmed appointments, which can be subsequently changed.