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Division I / 13 - E-Government: Program and project management
Ballhausplatz 2
1010 Vienna

Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Freitter


TERMINO is a platform to the coordinate appointments, especially - but not only - for employees in the Austrian public sector. The problem of the data storage of sovereign government data in a companycloud outside the national borders is to be counteracted by this service for the public administration.

As an alternative to doodle, a service concept and a brand have been developed based on open source components, on behalf of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria implemented by osAlliance. In 2016, the open source software dudle was used for public service meeting polls, since 2017 TERMINO (based on Drupal) is in use. This new version of TERMINO now also alowes a mobile use. It contains a registration option for retrieving previous polls and a login via the portal group.

Project development: fairkom Gesellschaft, Dornbirn
Project management: DI Dr. Roland Alton

osAlliance implementation team:
TERMINO 1.0: Armin Felder, Anna Haas
TERMINO 2.0: Alexandra Klepatsch, Caroline Pfister MA

Hosting and operation: Internex GmbH, Gmünd
Server location: Vienna