Terms of privacy

This is a summary of the data privacy statement, please refer to the original statement in german for further details.

All information stored on this platform is located in Austria and is therefore subject to Austrian data protection law. This translation is not complete nor authorized - the binding regulations are in german language.

The use of TERMINO requires an e-mail address to send the link to the schedule. An additional identification can be carried out by means of a registration or by a single-sign-on portal, which means that previous appointments can also be called up.

We automatically delete open appointments after half a year, closed appointments after three months.

Anyone using TERMINO agrees to the use of cookies. Cookies are not used to create data profiles; they are only used to optimize the operation, such as the pre-filling of fields.

Every entry in the creation of an appointment or the entry or cancellation is recorded for traceability, but only the activity with time stamp without IP address. Abuse may result in a technical barrier.

Statistics on the usage are created with the open source software Piwik, which runs on the same server. 

Access had to be prohibited from some countries for massive spam attack prevention. We have been opening access in 2019 with a captcha mechanism on selected GeoIPs.


The software is published under the GPLv3 license.

The brand "TERMINO" is registered and may only be used in other contexts than date agreements with TERMINO.gv.at upon further permission agreements.

Integration with proprietary software environments can be implemented via interfaces, if the data protection is ensured.