TERMINO helps to coordinate and find a date for a meeting with several people. 
The selected date can be sent to all the participants of the poll, including details like the place and the agenda.

This is how it works

1. Create a new meeting poll

You can create a new meeting poll as an anonymous user or as a registered member. To create a new poll, start with defining a title and some details for the appointment.

create meeting poll

2. Suggest date and time

Choose one or more dates for your meeting.

Afterwards you can either define the starting time of the meeting, select a period of time or create a whole-day meeting, by leaving the time input field unfilled.

Format for time input:

  • leave empty for whole-day meeting
  • HH:MM – define beginning for the meeting
  • HH:MM-HH:MM – define beginning and ending of the meeting
    (recommended format)

3. Invite participants

Send the poll to future participants. As registered user, you can’t just invite people using the contacts of your email-program, but also send the invitations directly from your account.

login           create new account 

4. Share and save a fixed date

When closing the poll, the chosen date will be sent to the participants your want to. Time, date and place of the meeting can be imported to the calendar by following the link provided in the mail.

5. Edit the meeting poll

In your personal TERMINO account you will find all the polls you created. You can edit them while the poll is running but also after the poll has been closed.

create meeting poll