Can I make multiple bookings for others as the owner of a booking list?

Actual the owner of a booking list cannot make multiple bookings for others. As a workaround, it is therefore suggested to open the link for the booking list in a private window and delete the cookies with Ctrl, Shift and Del. This allows the owner to make multiple bookings for others.

A private window can be opened by right-clicking on the browser icon and selecting open new private window, or via the browser's application menu. In a private window, TERMINO is displayed as a user who is not logged in.

The key combination Ctrl, Shift and Del works in common browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Users with a Safari browser can delete the cookies via the settings. To do this, open the browser settings at the top left and select the privacy tab. Then manage website data and click on remove all.

The way via the settings works for all browsers. In Firefox, for example, click on the hamburger menu at the top right, then select settings and privacy & security. Under cookies and website data, the data can be removed or managed.

Alternatively, individual cookies, such as those from TERMINO, can be selected and deleted by clicking on remove.